• HSH users ....
    You must turn it into at least 2 (i.e. 0 & 1) systems.

    Another alternative is...
    Because System 0 must be the first one alphabetically, change the order of the system/object name.
    Find some other system/object - even one that does almost nothing or has no use - and slip it in front.

    You can push all the other systems down.

    What USE TO BE system 0 is now system 1 and you have complete control over it.
  • Excel Marco
    If you still have problems, I can help.Biniak

    I am very enamored to people who have skills and a willingness to help.

    What are your specialties?
  • Excel Marco

    How does the data get into the program to begin with?
    If you wrote that code, wouldn't be easier to do the filtering during the export process to CSV?
  • Percentages & Probabilities 2022 Seminar
    You won't be sorry, I forgot just how many pages of data it contains, but if I'm not mistaken there is over 150 pages.Jim Parker

    Actually, there are over 2,400 pages!
  • Percentages & Probabilities 2022 Seminar
    Dave, in the materials, the tables can get them with all the ranked pace factors.Bill T

    Forgive me but I don't know what that means.
  • Factors in the "Factor List"
    It is really very simple but needs more functionality.
    Ironically, in the decade since I built this, nobody has ever asked how to use it so I didn't expand it.

    • Think of "Categories" as "Groups" or "Lists."
    • By default, these Categories are by Factor Type.
    • But you can edit the Categories any way you want.
    • Example: You could create Categories according to Type of Race or Filter Name.
    • Factors can have multiple Categories, so it an exist in multiple Categories.

    You can Save & Load the current Categories with the appropriate buttons.

    "Run Style" is Category #5.
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Merry Christmas to all of you!
  • Out of state Horse race wagering in Arizona.

    Are there any ADWs that now allow wagering in AZ?
  • Tom's Ulitmate Odds Line - The Software
    In our software we actually do not try to show the TOTE ODDS.
    We want to show the EXACT number, such as 2.52 or 2.99.

    It works far better for predicting low odds horses.

    Also, we like to show POOL PERCENTS.
  • Scratch list
    I knew one pro player who did.
    Claimed that it had great value.

    He also tracked what he called "cause scratches."
    Those were scratches where the horse was entered in another race within the next 6 days.

    He said those were far more valuable.
  • Tom's Ulitmate Odds Line - The Software
    FWIW, in our software we use these factors to predict the odds.

    100  Morning Line
     62  PSR (like BRIS Prime Power)
     38  Cramer Power  (like BRIS Prime Power)
     24  RTG (like BRIS Prime Power)
     15  Trainer wins at the track last 365 days
      9  Composite Final Time (hi-level speed rating)
  • Tom's Ulitmate Odds Line - The Software
    I actually did nothing but sweep the file for viruses and host it on our site.

    Steven did all the work.
  • I appreciate the tone of this forum.
    All I am saying is that we do not build something good by degrading something else.

    Reminded of a quote from a some chick movie:

    "The best way to get over one guy is to get under another."

    Kind of the same thing.
  • I appreciate the tone of this forum.
    How many serious handicapping discussions are there? I see a lot of strategies to use wagering manipulations to cover for a lack of sound handicapping.RanchWest

    My perception is different.
  • I appreciate the tone of this forum.
    Those people are mostly golden.
    Just need a few boundaries. LOL
  • I appreciate the tone of this forum.

    I see it precisely the same way.

    We need engagement.

    We also need the forum to NOT be ALL ABOUT DAVE SCHWARTZ.

    It has to find its own way; has to create its own growth.
    It has to create its own new Super Stars.

    I urge you to INVITE people. But make sure that they understand the success depends upon them actually posting.
  • The Ultimate Odds Line

    This is really good work!

    Do you recall how Huey Mahl did this thing he called The Length Variant? This connects me to the next idea, and all of it connects back to YOUR WORK.

    When I was doing work for some AUS a couple of years ago, I found some of their ideas quite intriguing. One was the idea of expressing "How They Ran" in terms of Odds & Beaten Lengths.

    Thus, if you look at each odds range, and come up with the average lengths behind, one could say that a horse who ran (say) 2.5 lengths behind ran like he was (say) 5/2.

    Your work is similar but expressed as a win percentage (I assume).

    This is a really goods idea.
  • Oaklawn Park Handicapping Info 2021-22
    Is this the average of the best three (3) in the race? Seems like I heard this in a workshop but I don't remember it exactly.Steven

    It is how ever you choose to look at it, but better would be:

    Best-of-Last-2 in sprints
    Best-2-of-Last-3 in Routes.
  • Oaklawn Park Handicapping Info 2021-22
    Say Oaklawn's par time for 6 Furlongs Claiming $10k for Filly/mare statebreds is 1:10 flat and your adjustments (example, not the REAL #ers) are 3.5 for f/m and 0.5 for statebreds

    Do I add the adjustments to the Par Time or the Actual Time I am computing to get a figure for?
    And is it better to use class specific times or the $10k times?

    If you want to know what the PAR FOR THE RACE would be, then:

    1. Start with the CLASS PAR for the level (i.e. the par number like 103.4 or whatever)
    2. Subtract the Female adj.
    3. Subtract the statebred adjustment.
    (Don't forget the N2L adjustment if applicable)
    This number becomes PAR NUMBER for the race.

    However, as I explained in Percentages & Probabilities, a more powerful approach is to look at the mix of horses in the race and build a STRENGTH RATING for the actual race and use that.

    This way, the level of the race is determined by the actual HORSES rather than the WRITTEN CONDITIONS of the race.